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Name:Bram Diabolus
Birthdate:Oct 10
Location:California, United States of America
Website:NinjaCycle on DA
I guess you can say, I'm one odd cookie. :3
Socializing has always been my weakness, hence why I'm always online for anything social. And I'm an emoticon abuser. I mean come on, how else can you show emotion on the net? xD
I love art and have a passion for it. I have been doing it for a while now. Started at about the age of 6 maybe? I enjoy all forms of art. From drawing to sculpting to sewing, yes even cooking. And let's not forget crafts of all kinds (metal, woodwork, fabric, etc.). I'm on a mission to learn every art medium there is. x3 I do like music too, because music is of course an art form as well. 8D But in all honesty, I can't play any instruments (yet). *sniffle*
Though, I am learning the flute and I want to learn the keyboard very badly. =<
Guitars would be cool to master too, but I lost interest because it seems EVERYONE is trying to or wants to learn to play guitar.

Another interest I have is my strong desire to learn about things we can't understand. Or try to make some sense of it. Ever sat there and thought about eternity? Or what about before existence? It's hard right?
I can't accept that a single man-made religion is "the right way", but that's just me. All people have the right to believe what they want. I personally will not and can not accept that out of all the millions upon billions of religions, one is absolutely 100% right and everyone one else will face some eternal doom for not believing so. Just a thought, if we were completely sure about what is the truth. Then why would we need to enforce it on others? If it's the truth, why bother? I mean, if it is the truth then they will eventually see it too. If not, why care? It still doesn't change the fact that's its true.
Sorry, that's just my thoughts out loud. >> No, I don't hate all religious people. I just can't stand people who shove their beliefs on others. This isn't just one religion I'm referring to. It's all of them.
Because pushing what you believe in on others and belittling them for not agreeing with you in the process violates common courtesy.
And I think we should all try and co-exist with each other in peace. Let violence and hate stay in the media, the entertainment department. Not here in reality. :/
Now that that's off my chest, I'm usually a very nice person. ^_^
Always willing to help a friend in need. Or make new friends too. =]
I'm really into metal and symphonic music. I have really taken an interest in New Age/Ambient music. it helps me relax, and sometimes brainstorm.
No I'm not crazy... well, ok maybe just a little. ^_~

On a side note, I love sparkly magical looking glowy stuff. =o
And mythical fantasy creatures. <3

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